February 17, 2019

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FAQ (10)

I am currently working abroad. How can I purchase your project?

A Special Power of Attorney should be executed authorizing another person or relative to transact with us. The SPA should be notarized by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate nearest you.

How do I purchase an HRPDC house?

A reservation fee of P25,000.00 is required, which is valid for 30 days. Reservation fee forms part of your downpayment (DP).

For further assistance, you may visit our office at Gen. Maxilom Ext., North Reclamation Area, Cebu City.

I am a foreigner. How can I purchase your project?

Presently, the Philippine law only allows Filipinos to acquire land in the Philippines by purchase, transfer or assignment. If your spouse is a Filipino or Filipina, he/she can acquire the house and lot with your name included on all documents related to the purchase.

Aside from the reservation fee, what are the other requirements?

Basic Requirements are:

  1. Buyer’s Information Form (BIF) – to be given by HRPDC personnel
  2. Income Tax Return (last 2 years)
  3. Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN)
  4. Photocopy of Birth Certificate
  5. Photocopy of Marriage Contract (if married)
  6. Photocopy of Residence Certificate (Cedula)
  7. 2 valid ID’s (photocopy back to back)
  8. 2 pcs. 1×1 Recent photo
  9. Proof of Billing (example: water/electricity bill)
  10. Photocopy of Spouse’s Passport (if husband/wife is a foreigner)
  11. Post-Dated Checks for the Downpayment (DP)

Are there available financing?

Yes, through the following:

  1. In-House Financing
  2. Bank Financing
  3. HDMF Housing Loan (for Pag-ibig members)

The requirements will depend on the bank or financing agency where you applied for the loan.

Are there additional expenses or fees due to be paid?

Yes. These are water and electric connection fees; and Homeowner’s Association dues, if already formed.

When can I have ownership of the house and lot?

Upon full payment, HRPDC shall start processing for the Transfer of Lot Title to your name.

When can I move-in or transfer to my new house?

Provisions for move-in:

  1. House construction and road facilities must be completed.
  2. Water and electricity connection have been applied and installed and fees have been paid.
  3. For In-House Financing:
    • paid at least 51% of the Total Contract Price (TCP)
    • complete Post Dated Checks (PDC’s) for the balance
    • credit approved and paid the credit investigation fee
    • Fire Insurance
    • Mortgage Redemption Insurance with accident and disability riders
  4. For Bank Financing, HDMF and other financing agencies:
    • must have fully paid the equity
    • loan proceeds are released or a Letter of Guarantee is issued by the financing agency
  5. You have signed the Certificate of Acceptance
  6. Authority to Move-in is already approved by HRPDC

Are there ready for occupancy (RFO) units available?

Yes. Ready for occupancy units are now available of limited quantity. Reservation is first come first serve basis. Full submission of documents and payment of 51% of the Total Contract Price are required before move-in or transfer to the house.